Retro vinyl adapter

You know the feeling when a song get stuck in your head and all you want is to play it over and over again? And you know the feeling of listening it on a gramophone record? The best song ever with the addition of that cozy crackling sound <3

Well if you are already an audiophile (or know one) with your personal atmosphere-making-machine aka gramophone you know how easy it takes to lose an adapter for gramophone singles. Fear not, Print A Brick has a solution — 3D printed adapter for gramophone record — vinyl single in 3 types classic, retro and modern.

Retro vinyl single adapter for lovers of that groovy 70’s vibe — both audibly and visually. Retro vibes will be transferred into your life through 4 different colours — blue, orange, red and space (actually black with white spots) but it can be personalised.

Choose, personalise, adjust and enjoy your ears off.

If your visual preference takes you to classic or modern style, we have it both. In various colours for various atmospheres.

COLOR Orange, Blue, Red, Space
MATERIAL Biodegradable PLA Plastic
DIMENSIONS 33x36x1.8 mm
WEIGHT 1.32 grams
Please note since all our products are handmade (3D Printed), variations in colour, texture, size may occur. Mostly unnoticeable.