We know you have questions and we do have some answers. If you can’t find them here, contact us. If we don’t know the answer, our 3D printer surely does.

All Print-A-Brick items are delivered by the Croatian National Post (Hrvatska pošta). Delivery price is based on the size and the weight of your package and is calculated at checkout.

Please make sure someone receives the package since the delivery confirmation signature is required. Also, double-check your delivery address because we can’t take responsibility for undelivered parcels or parcels delayed in transit due to incorrect address details. We have no power to control delays or other problems regarding delivery caused by customers. But we have the power to create a perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

We provide a tracking number for each parcel. You can check the status of your parcel at the Croatian Post Tracking website.

In case of any problems in delivery which are not made by us, we can’t take responsibility. But we can make 3D materialization of your imagination. If your package needs to be resent, it will be additionally charged. Double-check your delivery address, make sure someone collects the package, and enjoy your 3D-printed gems.

In case of shipping orders outside of Croatia or the EU, please note you will need to cover import taxes and duties depending on your local or national legislation.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, you may experience shipping delays both in domestic and international orders. Our magic 3D machine can’t do anything to change it. Before placing an order, make sure to check with us about shipping restrictions for your country. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

We are doing our best to ensure your orders arrive in perfect condition. However, occasional damages do occur during transit – we are all human. The only robot in the whole story is our 3D printer. If this happens to you, please contact us by email within 3 days of receiving your package to make life a bit better. At this point, we will offer you a refund or item replacement depending on stock availability and agree upon the cost of return shipping. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any postage costs that have not been agreed upon with us via email prior to sending back the item that was damaged in delivery. Let’s talk and leave robotic relationships to our 3D printers.

Once placed, your order can’t be changed. Double-check the delivery information you provided and try not to drown in excitement while waiting for your 3D gems.

Fingers crossed no one ever needs to cancel orders, but in case someone does, it is quite simple, as Print-A-Brick universe is. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible.

We all LOVE sales, but please keep in mind items sold on sale can’t be refunded. On the other hand, items bought at regular price can be refunded before you say “Print-A-Brick”.

First of all, don’t panic and count your breath to 10. Then, send us an email linking to the desired out-of-stock, item or its name from the webshop, and we’ll work our magic.

In case the item is not defined as “EOL”, which means “end of life”, we can reprint it within 5-7 workdays and show it the way to your home. Just don’t forget to contact us by email. If it is permanently out of sale, we are sure your heart could be captured by other Print-A-Brick beauties.

It’s simple: send us an email with the model and details for all the special requests, from color to material and size. Our 3D magicians will do their magic.

There is no bigger joy than giving new life to damaged items. Less pollution is the best solution. If you have a 3D model of the broken part, send it to us. In case you don’t have it, send us the broken part by post and we will make a 3D model, print it and send it back to you.

When you say color, we say –– bring it on! Our color portfolio says: white, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and so on, and so on. Besides standard colors, Print-A-Brick material archive consists of gems such as faux marble, faux wood, translucent, faux gold, faux silver, and faux copper. If you are interested in some specific color, email us. Our Print-A-Brick material archive would gladly expand its inventory with your amazing ideas.

It’s no secret we are fans of plastic, but not any kind – the biodegradable type of plastic! We use plastic made out of plant-based resources such as cornstarch or sugar cane. For those who want to know more, we encourage you to cast a (good) eye on Polylactic acid.

There is always the option of using PETG to increase durability and heat resistance. Even though it is not biodegradable, it is one of the easiest to recycle. Second best.

We encourage you to know your own boundaries. We surely know ours – printing up to 400 x 400 x 300 mm (width / depth / height). But we wouldn’t be Print-A-Brick team if we didn’t think of a brick–by–brick solution – large 3D models can be split into pieces, printed, and assembled into a larger object if they don’t fit into a specific 3D printer. Keep in mind it takes a long time to print large items, a very long time (read – sometimes even days) to complete, so please arm yourself with patience.

We talked to our 3D printers and they say they would be more than happy to see their babies in shops. Worldwide. If you are interested in spreading Print-A-Brick love, send us an email and tell us more about your shop and your ideas for selling our items. Provide us with all the information you would like to receive if it was the other way round – links, photos, website – anything you can think of.

Whoa! When we said our plastic is made out of corn starch and sugar cane we didn’t specify it is not edible (even if it does look and sound d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!). The 3D printing technology FDM is not considered food-safe. It is only safe for creating glorious items for glorious people.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, but note: all answers are in 2D.