Halloween Ghost With Hidden Feet

8,79 48,39 

Step into the eerie world of Halloween with our spine-chilling ghost figure. This must-have creep-tastic decoration will surely send shivers down your spine! Our trendy ghoul comes with a twist – collapsible feet that allow you to pose him in multiple bone-chilling positions or hide his spectral appendages altogether.

Choose from two options: the handy keychain version, perfectly sized for on-the-go scares, or the stand-alone decorative figure available in small, medium and large sizes. No matter which size you choose, these spooky specters clock in at 48mm tall (with collapsed feet) for keychains and regular figures alike. For those seeking an eye-catching centerpiece for their haunted haven, we offer sizes ranging from a chilling 120mm to an imposingly terrifying 170mm tall.

Rest assured knowing that each of our ghoulish ghosts is lovingly crafted using top-of-the-line biodegradable PLA+ material through advanced 3D printing technology. Not only do they boast otherworldly attention to detail but also retain a lightweight construction for ease of positioning around your macabre abode.

To add another layer of customization to your nightmare-inducing collection, consult our drop-down menu brimming with colors and variations currently haunting the market. However if you desire something truly unique outside this ethereal realm, don’t hesitate to conjure up contact us as we can work some dark magic together!

When you say color, we say –– bring it on! Our color portfolio says: white, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and so on, and so on. Besides standard colors, Print-A-Brick material archive consists of gems such as faux marble, faux wood, translucent, faux gold, faux silver, faux copper. If you are interested in some specific color, email us. Our Print-A-Brick material archive would gladly build-up its inventory with your amazing ideas.

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