Metal Business Card Jig Template For Engraving


This is a template for a metal business card jig for engraving (those anodized aluminum cards found at eBay/AliExpress).

Jig dimensions are 200x300mm (~7.87×11.8 in)
The jig is made from either one or two sheets (I use plywood).

*Two sheets (pick files from folder “CUT”)
Upper sheet needs to be cut and engraved to you get a slot and then glue two sheets together.

*One sheet (pick files from folder “ENGRAVE”)
Only one sheet is needed (usually plywood), raster engrave it so you can get an “indent” where the card will sit.

You will get ZIP file that includes SVG, EPS, DXF, PDF, AI files for making a jig.
The jig is made either from 1 or 2 pieces of sheets (usually plywood).
Upper one can be cut or raster engraved (to get a slot). If you choose to cut version, then you need to glue it on top of another sheet.

Just download the file and import the preferred file type into your laser engraving software.
Recommend using 3mm for the jig for rigidity.

Do not resize the file as the measurements will change and it will no longer be accurate.


– You MAY use files to make an end-product (jig, engraved card) and sell as many products as you like.
– You may NOT sell or distribute the digital files in any way (even to a friend!)!

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