Pocket Operator Minimal Stand


The minimalist stand designed for the raw, untamed beauty of your “naked” Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator! Crafted to complement the simplicity of your out-of-the-box PO synth, this stand offers a sleek and unobtrusive platform for your musical creativity.

For custom color – please contact us.

Key Features:
– Bare Essentials: Designed for the Pocket Operator in its purest form, with no need for additional cases or covers.
– Effortless Placement: Simply slide your naked Pocket Operator onto the angled stand, providing stability without compromising the device’s original design.
– Streamlined Aesthetics: The stand’s minimalistic design complements the clean lines of your Pocket Operator, letting its raw beauty shine.
– Perfect Viewing Angle: Elevate your musical experience with an optimized angle for easy interaction, whether you’re performing or programming beats.
– Stable Foundation: The stand features a solid foundation with rubber feet for anti-slip performance, ensuring your Pocket Operator stays firmly in place during your musical endeavors.
– Secure Fit: The stand is designed for a snug fit, securely holding your Pocket Operator in place while you explore its sonic capabilities.
– No Assembly Required: Enjoy the simplicity of our stand – just slide your Pocket Operator, and you’re ready to go.

This listing is for 3D Printed Pocket Operator Stand only, no Teenage Engineering product are included.
The surface finish and quality will meet the standards set by 3D printing norms (layer lines, tolerances, etc.).
Tracked delivery available for domestic and international shipping.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

When you say color, we say –– bring it on! Our color portfolio says: white, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and so on, and so on. Besides standard colors, Print-A-Brick material archive consists of gems such as faux marble, faux wood, translucent, faux gold, faux silver, faux copper. If you are interested in some specific color, email us. Our Print-A-Brick material archive would gladly build-up its inventory with your amazing ideas.

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