Skulls Chalice – multiple sizes

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Introducing the Skull Chalice, a drinkware piece that’s lighter than a feather, but don’t let its skeletal structure fool you, matey! This fancy chalice comes in a variety of colors, including raw or painted options, or we can even craft a custom color just for you. Savvy?

Choose from different sizes, such as the large (99x217mm) or small (68x149mm) versions. Or if you prefer a shorter chalice, we offer the short large (100x116mm) and short small (67x79mm) options as well. And that’s not all, you can decide whether you want it with or without an insert. Just pick your preference from the drop-down menu.

Crafted with the utmost care, our Skull Chalices are 3D printed using top-quality biodegradable PLA+ material. This eco-friendly choice ensures a lightweight and sturdy sip every time.

Now, my curious mateys, behold the cleaning instructions for this novelty item. Simply give it a gentle rinse in warm water, not exceeding 50°C, and let it dry. Beware! This chalice is not a fan of dishwashers as it might result in a melting mishap. And if it’s hand-painted, steer clear of dishwasher soap, savvy?

So, don’t delay! Set sail on a swashbuckling path to savouring your drinks in style with these remarkable Skull Chalices. Crafted by none other than Print A Brick and designed by the talented Hex3D. Buccaneers of taste, let the festivities begin!

Insert: With insert, Without insert

When you say color, we say –– bring it on! Our color portfolio says: white, black, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and so on, and so on. Besides standard colors, Print-A-Brick material archive consists of gems such as faux marble, faux wood, translucent, faux gold, faux silver, faux copper. If you are interested in some specific color, email us. Our Print-A-Brick material archive would gladly build-up its inventory with your amazing ideas.

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